Friday, August 17, 2012

Over-loaded French Fries

There are just some days when all you want is comfort food. You slept through your alarm. You were late for work. Your boss wrote you up a bad review. Your significant other broke up with you during your lunch break. You had to reprint, re-assemble, and refile all your afternoon paperwork. And then you come home to discover your roommate stole all your gin. Yeah, it's been one of those days. And when you need a carb splurge, this is the dish for you.

How to Make Paleo-friendly-ish* Over-loaded French Fries:
1. Fry french fries in hot bacon fat. When they look done, cook a little longer for extra crispyness. 
2. Season with sea salt and paprika. 
3. Add triple cheddar cheese (hey, if you're gonna splurge--SPLURGE)
4. Ask sister if she believes in such a thing as 'too much cheese'. Ignore horrified stare and add more cheese anyways. 
5. Add bacon bits. 
6. Repeat question to sister but this time about bacon. Again, ignore horrified stare and add more bacon anyways. 
7. Pop in preheated oven until cheese is melty. 
8. Top with a generous ladle of sour cream (who really eats just a dollop?!) and a sprinkle of fresh parsley. 
9. Enjoy the wonderful adventure in your mouth. 
10. Consider seconds. Or thirds.

Note: *This is definitely what I like to call a Splurge Dish. You wouldn't want to eat this once a week. Maybe once a month to every other month. But if you're not avoiding dairy, go for it. Just stick to full-fat sour cream and aged cheddar cheese. Go nitrate-free bacon if you can get it. If you're really going all out, cut and slice all your own potatoes for the fries. Most frozen french fries contain some amounts of vegetable oil. 


  1. #4&#6 Are Awesome! lol These look/sound delicious! Good job cat! I love that youre blogging! Flogging? since it's about food? lol

  2. Ha ha! Thanks. I wanted to switch up the tone a little. And I'm not so sure on the "flogging". I'm not beating anybody or anything...except maybe eggs. But not this recipe. ;)

  3. Hi! A friend just suggested your blog to me! SO glad to have found you! This is definitely going to be a monthly splurge for hubby and I! I think we might experiment with making our own fries- how fun?!?

    Question: What do you pre-heat the oven to? I don't think I've ever just melted something in the over... like 250*?

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad to have another reader. :) And not sure how I missed that, so thanks for pointing that out. I actually stick mine under the broiler on high for only a few minutes. Just enough so the cheese is melted and starting to bubble on top. My broiler heats up a lot faster than the oven so I usually just use that when I can.

      *Didn't realize I should have hit reply, so I'm reposting. :D